Sunday Nov 15th 9am-12:30pm $88

Step Into Sacred Virtual Retreat for Womxn

As it gets closer, we’ll send out tips for creating your ideal at home retreat environment plus your printouts and links (see below). Schedule:
9-9:15 Opening gathering with Sally, Michele, & Jess
9:15-10:15 Yoga with Jess
10:15-11 Ceremony & discussion with Sally
11-12 Yin with Michele 
12-12:30 Final attunement & closing ceremony with Jess, Michele, & Sally Read More 


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Dates TBA

Reiki Yoga

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly absorbing the energies of the places around us, but also of the people we interact with. And because some of these energies are full of negativity and fear, they can keep us from feeling at peace with ourselves and the world around us, but also from finding contentment. Read More


Dates TBA

Women's Wisdom Circle (Zoom)

We are on a mission to gather in circle, hold safe and sacred space for one another, to enable every woman to live in alignment with their inner truth and find freedom, self-respect, and confidence along the way. We hold this circle in ceremony as a way of honoring the Divine Feminine in women and in all aspect life. Each gathering we hold a unique ritual to align ourselves with the energy and use that concentrated energy to manifest the highest intention in our lives. Read More


Dates TBA

Reiki Rise Level 2 Certification

Take your Reiki practice to the next level with RISE!

RISE is created to raise your vibration and intuition as you prepare to recieve the sacred symbols and uplevel your spiritual and healing practice.

Sally shares a modern approach to an ancient healing modality. Sharing studies of the traditional Usui Reiki healing method, while teaching her unique style of intuitive Soul Coaching.

Read More


Dates TBA

Discover Your Soul Word

I know...It is hard to think straight with so much information all around. It is hard to focus on your life when the future seems so uncertain. Emotions are all over the place from day to day, hour by hour and some days minute by minute!!! I can help you!
Lets me be your Soul coach :)

What if one simple word could save your SOUL during the pandemic?

We are living in crazy times and the only truth you can trust is the truth within your own SOUL! Read More

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Dates TBA

Reiki Level 1 Certification

Ignite Your Vibration with Reiki Level One Training 💫
Renew your spiritual practice by learning the sacred principles of Reiki healing and applying them to your life.

I am eager to share with you my passion of energy work, vibrational self-healing and living a soul-based lifestyle using the principles of Reiki. This has changed my life and I want to share this wisdom with EVERYONE! Yes, everyone! I believe that Reiki Level One is for ALL HUMAN BEINGS looking to live a life in higher vibration. Read More



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