1.45 Min Soul Healing Session

This is a Sally Signature session! Intuitive Soul Coaching and energy clearing gives way for a transformational experience. We work with the holistic you, the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual -- the whole self. Healing and balancing brings you back to an organic state of being. Your Soul Self. All Soul Sessions are in person one-on-one intensives. Be prepared to AWAKEN! Private appointments are by request only.

1.15 Min Soul Life Coaching

A full-focused one hour session (by phone, Zoom or in person) on designing your life from your Soul's perspective. During this session, we dive deep into all the areas of your life and breathe fresh awareness on how you truly wish to LIVE YOUR LIFE. In today’s world, we get caught up and forget what we really want and how we really wish to live. Together we refocus, redirect and refresh your perspective to mirror the Soul Lifestyle you desire.

Soul Word 20/20

What if I told you that you can focus all of your strength, creativity, willpower, love, voice, thoughts, and faith into ONE WORD and it would bring you exactly what your soul desires? This program starts in January, we kick off our self-transformation by discovering our personal sacred Soul Word for the year. I will be guiding you through the process to uncover the word that embodies what your soul is longing to grow through.


Inner Circle Membership

The Soul Circle Membership will be launching soon! If you are in need of empowering connection, support, community, and a refuge of truth and love then you have found your tribe. Details coming soon!


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